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Assessing Private Flood Insurance

With increased levels of snow and rain hitting the ground this winter, flooding is an issue at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. Most insurance policies do not cover damages caused by flooding, so it’s important that you take the time to assess the private flood insurance policies available to add onto your existing home […]

No-Fault Insurance: 3 Quick Facts

If you are in a car accident with someone who is not covered by their own insurance, it can leave you in a major bind when you have damages. However, you can utilize a no-fault policy in some states to help you get a payment from your own insurance agency. The following are some things […]

The Truth Revealed: 3 Auto Insurance Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

There are often a lot of misconceptions when it comes to auto insurance. If you’ve ever talked to a friend about auto insurance, you’ve probably heard some unsettling myths. For example, you might have heard that older drivers are charged more for insurance. However, that is typically not the case. There are many other myths […]

4 Tips When Buying Life Insurance

Choosing the right life insurance plan is important. This is money that will be paid by an insurer to your beneficiaries when you die. If you have family that you want to leave financially protected when you die, you should strongly consider getting life insurance. However, you will want to rely on specific tips that […]

Three Additional Coverages You Should Include On Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Many homeowners purchase a standard homeowners insurance policy on their home and the land it sits on. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers the dwelling and contents in the event of a fire, hurricane, tornado or other “Act of God.” This is acceptable coverage for many homeowners. However, there may be certain situations where you […]