3 Things To Remember When It Comes To Getting Health Insurance For Your New Baby

Having a baby is a wonderful and amazing thing, but it is also something that takes a great deal of planning. One aspect of planning that some people don’t think about is getting insurance in place for your baby. This is crucial to ensure that you aren’t paying for the entirety of your baby’s medical bills out of your own pocket. This article will discuss 3 things to remember when it comes to getting health insurance for your new baby. 

Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover The Baby Once They Are Born 

If it is your first baby, you may not be sure exactly how health insurance works when it comes to having a baby. Your insurance covers both you and the baby for your entire pregnancy, but as soon as the baby is born, the baby then needs their own insurance. This is because the baby has now been born and is a separate person from you that will require separate care at the hospital. Having insurance for your baby in place ensures that they are covered once they are born. 

You Only Have 30 Days

From the time that your baby is born, you have exactly 30 days to get insurance for them. This is done because you can’t place a baby on a health insurance plan until they are actually born. This gives you some time to recover in the hospital, and then you can call and add them to your insurance plan. The insurance is then going to be retroactive for the past 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the care your baby received in the hospital and at their first doctor’s appointments is going to be covered. 

Look Before Your Baby Arrives

You are likely going to feel a bit overwhelmed when your baby is born, so it is very important that you plan ahead and look for health insurance for your baby before they are ever born. If you are going to be adding them onto your current health insurance, simply call your insurance to ask them exactly how the process works once your baby is born. However, if you are finding a different health insurance provider for your child, this is going to take a bit more time and effort. You will want to research to find the best provider for the coverage that you would like, and get everything in place to add your baby once they are born.   

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