Four Ways To Work Toward A Safe-Driving Discount

When drivers look for different ways to save money on their auto insurance, they often use methods such as bundling multiple policies together and installing anti-theft systems in their vehicles. While these kinds of methods can indeed help to reduce your premium, it’s important to never overlook the value of simply being a safe driver.

Keeping safe on the road doesn’t translate into an immediate rate reduction, but it can be the gift that keeps on giving — provided you’re able to keep out of at-fault accidents for three years, you’ll be rewarded with a premium drop. While the amount of savings you’ll experiences varies according to several factors, the bottom line is that safe driving will save you money. Here are four ways to keep safe.

Check Your Mirrors Frequently

Consistently keeping an eye on all of your mirrors while you drive is an effective way to stay safe and work toward a safe-driving discount. Many motorists make the mistake of getting tunnel vision behind the wheel, which reduces their ability to know what’s around them. It’s a good idea to get into the practice of checking your mirrors about every five seconds. You don’t have to hold your gaze at the mirror — it’s suitable to simply dart your eyes to the mirror, notice what’s around you and then focus back on the road in front of you.

Focus On What’s Well Ahead Of You

Falling into the habit of simply watching the vehicle directly ahead of you prevents you from being aware of hazards down the road. You can reduce your risk of being in an at-fault accident that raises your auto insurance by focusing on the road well ahead of you. Aim to look at least 15 to 20 seconds ahead. Doing so can allow you to see potential hazards or changes in the traffic as soon as they arise, which means you’ll be able to react accordingly to keep safe.

Research Which Roads Are Problematic

A little online research can be an effective way to stay safe on the road. Your local police department or media outlets will often publish data that shows which roads in your city have the most accidents. By familiarizing yourself with these problem areas, you can try to change your driving route to avoid them. It’s also effective to look up which roads have the heaviest traffic, as these conditions can lead to accidents such as fender-benders.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

While many driving courses offered by your DMV are taken by “non-voluntary” students–like those with a DUI sentences–you can take these classes on your own volition. The Law Dictionary says that while the savings may be minimal, you can still get a 5 to 10% safe-driving discount for many policies on completion of a course. Click here to learn more about auto insurance and how you can reduce your rates.